AGOTI Sings Thorns (Friday Night Funkin')

The final song for week 6 sung by AGOTI
I used FNF Multi 3.2 (Indev) in this video, link for it is below!
FNF Multi 3.2 (Indev) –
V.S. AGOTI Full Week –
Playable AGOTI –

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24 thoughts on “AGOTI Sings Thorns (Friday Night Funkin')”

  1. Think that A.G.O.T.I. might be abit too loud, but aside from that I like the flashing arrows from Week 7!
    Also I guess nobody even cares anymore that GF is hanging around casually, oh well. At least A.G.O.T.I is spittin as always, even in pixels.

  2. baked bread64 i really like this i can even make out the lyrics with my ears somehow and how agoti understands sprits pain of being trapped in a unlimited void with no escape


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