Are The Hardware & Software Issues With The PS5 & Xbox Series X Being Blown Out Of Proportion?

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Microsoft & Sony are selling out of Playstation 5’s and Xbox Series X world wide. There is a level of demand that is unprecedented. That’s good news. The bad news is that both manufacturers are suffering from issues related to software and hardware. In many cases, such as the PS5 there issues with bricking consoles. On the Xbox Series X side, there are issues with software that has malfunctioned gameplay. At the same time, development problems are evident in some titles.

Unfortunately, this is to be expected when a new generation of consoles launches with new hardware features. Everything from HDMI 2.1 to Ray Tracing is something that developers are getting to grips with. Add in a pandemic that has hamstrung the world. Gaming is thriving but has many growing pains at the moment.

The question to ask though is whether or not gamers are expecting too much from launch games and consoles?

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