Chatting About Work + Playing Minecraft | Indigo White

♡Patrick is a GigaChad♡
♡Dickhead is also a GigaChad♡

♡BSL Shader
♡Quark 3.2
♡Serene Seasons
♡Enlightened End
♡Better Leaves Add On
♡Moobries Pack
♡Ghoulcraft CIT Pack
♡Mizunos 16 Craft
♡Better Vanilla Building
♡Xerca Mod
♡Waystones Mod
♡VoidTotem Mod
♡Traveler’s Titles
♡The Undergarden
♡Simple Shops
♡Lucky Block
♡Friends & Foes Mobs
♡Enchantment Descriptions

♡Please try not to spam!
♡Remember I only speak english & I do read chat!
♡Don’t ask to be modded if you’re not a regular to my streams!
♡Stop feeding the trolls, only I am allowed to feed them! You can ignore them and just enjoy the stream!
♡Try not to backseat game (unless I’m asking for help or miss something important! Then please spam me lmao)!
♡I don’t usually ban people but if you do get banned you’re not coming back
♡NO KIDS!!!!
♡Just chill and enjoy the stream bros

♡TIKTOK: @ npcprincess666
♡SNAPCHAT: @indigowhitesnap


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