Cyberpunk 2077 Breach Protocol Intro Guide [Hacking Minigame Explained]

In this video I’ll show you an in depth guide, to help you understand any Breach Protocol hacking minigame you may come across in Cyberpunk 2077. Hope this helps!

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48 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Breach Protocol Intro Guide [Hacking Minigame Explained]”

  1. I watch so many of these videos. One of them, the guy was talking so fast and the button selection he made was over in a blink, I think I walked away from the tutorial more confused.

    Anyway, thank you. I think I got it now. I'm at the start of the game and was trying to understand this better.


  2. – Timestamp –
    0:57 – Strategy for BEST Payout
    1:10 – Where he digs into the core concept of how the puzzle works –
    1:49 – Some Puzzles have a TRICK SOLUTION to them. In this case, you are required choose the first number of a different puzzle solution, but then from there…. type in the next 3 numbers from another puzzle

  3. THX.
    Good walkthrough of the mechanics of how this actually work.
    Cleared it Up a bit for me.
    To be honest the in game tutorial was not that good and not that memorable.
    But if i understand you correctly.
    There are some cases where you cannot hack all three?
    I always got frustrated about not being able to get all three.
    It feels like either it is designed this way or a bug?

  4. You could've done 55 55 1C BD and gotten all three (if I'm not misunderstanding this mechanic).
    Sequence: column 3, row 3, column 1, row 5
    If I'm mistaken please let me know because I've only ever seen a single sequence.

  5. tbh deus ex hacking was so much better…This one is lame, i don't understand how get 2 or 3 sequence all in one. Is it doable only if the same alphanumeric is there on multiple sequences? so is just dumb luck?

  6. Thanks

    It’s like a puzzle, you pick the route and fill in over time the desired digits.
    I’d suggest aiming for the last most complicated option, then as it goes along you’ll unlock the easier sequences option above.

  7. The trick with a mini game like this is to first follow The Gift Mission and be introduced to it. After that either Commit to hacking or do not. But after that you first want the best gear available for these terminals. Leave them be for a while. Go to a Ripper and upgrade your system the best you can. Then it is just a matter of practicing untill you get a Feel for it. I am taking this game very slow.

  8. Great video but 2 things, you don't have to start with the starting code for any row, the first choice can be completely irrelevant to any first choice you need on the right (I've had this happen twice so far) and I'm getting $1,548 eddies reach one I complete if I complete v1, v2, and v3

  9. is it me or THAT timer should start the moment you start the mini game? Whats the point of timer if you have infinate time to plan this ant it takes you 5 second to punch in the sequence you want.

  10. Never thought a day would come when crystal dynamics Eidos Montreal would make better hacking mino games than cd Projekt red.
    The hacking in deus ex was so much better than it is in this game.

    But thank you for your tutorial. I now understand it but my goodness is it so sub par and mediocre.

  11. Been doing all of the terminals I come across, and it's still super confusing. I even have a board with a buffer of six right now. Yes, you always want to aim for the bottom one if you can only get one, but at the very least you want the bottom and the middle, if not all three, especially when farming money and components.

  12. This minigame at least makes more sense than fallouts hacking minigame lmao!
    Thanks for the guide, I fumbled my way through the mission-required hacks but I didnt know what I was doing. Didnt help that I play at 1440p and for some reason ONLY the hacking minigame screen/tutorial was in 1080, so the dialog boxes that told me how it works were cropped on the right side


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