The LOOT on This Map Is UNREAL | Escape from Tarkov 12.9

Everybody knows the hype around Interchange these days. That’s why when you go there, you run into just about every type of player you can imagine. The Killa farmer, the timmy, the hatchlings running for loot, and so many more. As you’ll see from this video, there’s a reason for the madness. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Leave a comment down below and let me know if you enjoyed and what you’d like to see in future videos. Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an upload. Thanks for watching!

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34 thoughts on “The LOOT on This Map Is UNREAL | Escape from Tarkov 12.9”

  1. Interchange mainly is pistole/hatch runners or 4/5 mans camping in a store upstairs for 30mins, plus they keep nerfing the loot from it, still a fun map but 99% of the time youll get f all for loot nor even hear anyone shoot after the first 2mins of the map, and the fact that someone turned power on is unreal to me, unless you turn iton yourself itll stay off the whole raid usally thats eu tho.

  2. just a question, this isnt any shots fired towards u lol but why do u render in 1440 when it doesnt give it? It looks like im still watching in 1080 or even 720 sometimes… like lvndmark renders in 1440 and i can tell the difference but not sure if youve noticed on your vids or maybe im seeing it wrong. Regardless, love the vids bro been watching everyday… keep it up <3

  3. Dyl how do you do techo, techlight and ras without any competition? On my servers it's an absolute fuck fest.. every other raid you get a hacker. I had a naked with svd jump off the side of interchange to the basement break both legs and head tap me and a friend within a second.. I even get good spawns like literally on the back of oli ramp, be first to techo and for good measure launch nades down oli escalator to make sure we didn't get pushed, still get naked man with stock gun fly up and kill all 3 of us. Got to the point where we just ran Woods because it's safe from bullshit


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