Filmmaker Reacts to Escape from Tarkov Raid – Ep 5

The final episode of Escape from Tarkov’s Raid series.
Finally made the video!

Compositing explained:


7 thoughts on “Filmmaker Reacts to Escape from Tarkov Raid – Ep 5”

  1. About language barrier: I understand English perfectly well (bar some particular accents) but my spoken English is very clunky (which you can probably see even from this post) and I think both Mike and Skif have similar language skills. They understand Russian and English but do not speak each other languages well enough to communicate under stress. Some people even think that Mike's own clunky English is here to simulate that, but maybe they overthink it.

    And in final part Skif knew that he was dying anyway, so he decided to speak to his killers. You need a miracle to survive such close hit of 120mm mortar mine.

  2. Love how you called the shaky camera angle from behind, I didn't assign that much significance to it. Smirked to myself when you made that observation, knowing what was to come.

    Also neat opening, first time I've had a comment featured in one!

  3. Everything is very simple. Until the 1950s, 80% of Russians learned German.
    In the 1950s, 80% of Russians began to learn English starting from school and then in high school. There were 2 more languages ​​to choose from – French and German.
    But most of them learned English.
    This is because the US and NATO are potential adversaries – enemies.
    Thus, even now, most have been learning English since the 50s.
    Therefore, 60-70% of Russians understand what people are talking about in English, however, we do not speak English well, since we have no practice. In principle, we do not need it.
    According to legend, Mike has also been involved in the war in this territory for a long time. Therefore, he understands Russian.
    As for the screensaver, where the hovercraft and the port are real scenery. As well as the RADAR location.
    The same set was used in the Russian film "AVANPOST" (The Blackout (2019 film).
    13:24 Mike is referring to the time when Russia and the United States were allies from 1941-1945.

  4. hey man! Great to see you back! I've commented few days ago when will you make another video and here we are! Fun to see you talk out all the details. From your point of view they did a really awesome job and i agree – this is made better then most of action/war movies there are out there. I play Tarkov a lot and i love to see their work went into the world and get such a feedback. I'll watch you on twitch tommorow!

  5. 12:55 i was just about to type that lol
    Its funny how your analysis of camera angles can predict whats going to happen, where someone was actually following them.
    Blackfox is a new faction that might be coming to tarkov sometime in the future. Not much is known right now about them though.
    Nice analysis!

    I personally think your channel can grow if you do keep this type of quality up when analyzing and explaining things, or maybe you are interested in doing something else that idk. But best of luck whichever direction you go!


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