FNF Wednesday Infidelity Part 2 Update – Last Day (FC) (4k)

This mod does a good job with the atmosphere of a lot of these songs.



23 thoughts on “FNF Wednesday Infidelity Part 2 Update – Last Day (FC) (4k)”

  1. being honest here, i do prefer the version of last day that came with the leaked build, but either way both are still a good song (can't really say banger in a situation like this lmao)

  2. The saddest ever song I heard…
    I know there was old version, but this keep the atmosphere and the emotions very well.
    Bad ending, still sounds very canon to me.
    Like, in any ways Mickey SHOULD suffer, in hell.

  3. Man just the dialogue at the start and the vocals are enough to punch me so hard in the heart. The losing icon doesn't help much either, it's really sad how things turn out for the worst no matter which ending you get.


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