Friday Night Funkin' BUT VS GIRLFRIEND!? | Friday Night Funkin' (Mods)

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Friday Night Funkin’ BUT VS GIRLFRIEND!? | Friday Night Funkin’ (Mods)

What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going today? Today we are going to be playing Friday Night Funkin’ BUT VS OUR GIRLFRIEND!!! We are facing off against the girlfriend in this mod today and it is so weird to see all of the changes. This FNF mod series is getting cooler and cooler as we get to see in FNF the girlfriend standing up and rap battling us. I can’t wait to play more Friday Night Funkin’ mods and even Friday Night Funkin’ week 7! This game is getting cooler and cooler and it is getting so fun! As we play, we are going to be making our own funny moments and testing out the hardest Friday night Funkin’ mods there are! Let’s have some fun playing hard FNF mods and see what happens when we are VS THE GIRLFRIEND!!!
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Video Edited By: Kirara Lala
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Amazing Thumbnail Art by: Comète


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Game Info:

Friday Night Funkin’ is a free-to-play and open-source indie rhythm game for PC developed by a team of four Newgrounds users: programming by Ninjamuffin99 (in OpenFL via Haxe), art and animations by Phantom Arcade and evils8kr, and music composed by Kawai Sprite. The game has a play style reminiscent of Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper with an aesthetic reminiscent of Flash games popular in the early-mid 2000s on platforms such as Newgrounds.
The game revolves around the player character, simply named “Boyfriend”, who has to defeat an array of characters in singing and rapping contests for him to be able to date his love interest, “Girlfriend”.

Ending: Back Again by LEMMiNO


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  1. When you switched to the keys you wanted to use, you popped off thanks brightening up my day with another great video can't wait to see you play HN2 when it releases.


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