The PC Gaming Weekspot: The Medium Review! Hitman 3 DLC! King Arthur: Knight's Tale Impressions!

This week, we give you a The Medium review, some discussion on what IO might do for Hitman 3 DLC, we’ve got some King Arthur: Knight’s Tale impressions for you, and we managed to talk about the Gamestop stock story for a little bit, whilst also discussing the merits of Christian Bale. The PC Gaming Weekspot is the only video games video podcast you need in your life if you’re looking for some lovely PC gaming news and some wonderful PC gameplay. It’s time for your recap of the last seven days in PC video gaming.

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We don’t spend loads of time on Gamestop, to be honest. Instead, in Headlines and Hot Takes, there’s some chatter on what IO Interactive might do when it comes to Hitman 3 DLC. There’s also some talk on what they said about James Bond in some recent interviews, too. And, as well as that, we discuss what live service games Warner Bros. might have up their giant, publishing sleeve. Tech Corner obviously leads to us discussing how you can actually bet on wrestling.

Show and Tell is full of talk on the mediocre game involving all the dead people: The Medium. As you’ll hear in Colm’s The Medium review, the story is just *there*, the puzzles are *fine*, and the scares are non-existent, but as you can see in our The Medium gameplay, the dual reality system works pretty well. While Colm’s been communicating with spirits, Matthew’s been checking out medieval XCOM, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. So, you’ll get some early King Arthur: Knight’s Tale impressions, as well as some King Arthur: Knight’s Tale gameplay for your eyeballs.

Because of The Medium’s launch, we decided to focus on games with playable characters that have psychic abilities for Mystery Steam Reviews. Our definition of psychic abilities is both fast and also loose. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on bad games we liked as kids, maps, and Christmas biscuits.

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  1. Given the hype around Project 007 I'd love to know your opinions on Kayne & Lynch. I loved all the Hitman games but really wasn't a fan of these. I hope they have improved their action gaming for 007


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