I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED… ANIVIA! – Climb to Master | League of Legends

We’re playing another Anivia game today and I end up doing really well! I really enjoy this champion and I’m happy I’m preforming on her a lot better than last season. Sadly, something annoying happens at the end of the game! xD Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Anivia Mid Gameplay.

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I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED… ANIVIA! – Climb to Master | League of Legends


23 thoughts on “I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED… ANIVIA! – Climb to Master | League of Legends”

  1. Pretty sure its a mistake to buy stopwatch as the last component for hourglass, it has way more value than the others. Ive noticed this in load of videos, huzzy seems to always buy it last and ends up dying in a tf when he doesnt need to

  2. QotD: Make it so Dragon Souls are shown at the start of champ select and that dragon spawns are "only" of that Soul, I.e: If you get a Hextech Soul at the start, only Hextech Dragons spawn. That way you remove the awkward first two dragons that don't really provide much in terms of buffs and just act as weird appendages. Also at this stage they could just get rid of Elder Dragon and just focus on the Souls as a win-con.

  3. QOTD: I'd remove minion block from the game at least for your own minions cause it happens so much where my own minions will block me from chasing someone and I just don't know why it needs to be in the game cause I don't think any champs would become broken because of it

  4. I think they should rework AP to have spell crit and mpen like AD have lethality and aa crit. This would allow riot to seperate the classes into mages, assassins and fighters like they have done with ad and ensure that each group have specific items for each.

  5. Qotd: give a massive debuff to anyone in enemy jungle pre 10 min, that way its not a matter of "let me cheese by killing the enemy jungler just because my champ is stronger when it comes to a 1v1 early" and they actually have to focus on clearing their jungle and ganking. fighting over scuttle is one thing but i have so many games were multiple enemies are in my jungle from the start of the match and my team doesnt react so im put so far behind i cant do anything.

  6. Qotd: the control mages that don't deal tons of burst damage till late and aren't safe enough to survive mid (Vel'Kos, Ziggs, Swain, Orianna, Xerath) should be given more range or a more consistent CC to make them safer example: Vel's E should be larger, Ziggs's W shouldn't interrupt movement and come out faster when cast near him, Swain's Q should have better range, Ori's W should have a stronger slow, Xerath's E should stun for longer closer to him instead of further. I could think of more, but this is long enough.

  7. Qotd: give manaless champs energy or mana. Katarina just has infinite resets, punish her by example forcing a mana item. There is almost no reason champs like garen, vladimir, rengar, riven can just spamm abilities. Vlad just has infinite sustain in lane as a late game champ. It would definitely make yone and yasuo less obnoxious

  8. Qotd: I was watching your uranked to diamond in season 8 and you said in one video that they are really dumbing down leauge.
    So to the point- i would delete all timestamps and some things that dumb down leauge make it a bit harder


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