SCALING IS KEY! ANNIE TIME! – Climb TO Master S11 | League of Legends

Hey guys! We’re playing some Annie today and we’re doing a replay format episode of Climb to Master, you’ll see why! This game shows the difference of scaling champions. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay.

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SCALING IS KEY! ANNIE TIME! – Climb TO Master S11 | League of Legends


20 thoughts on “SCALING IS KEY! ANNIE TIME! – Climb TO Master S11 | League of Legends”

  1. I’ve grown up playing with days where it was a dc reconnect kind of game (which once I noticed I’d just call it for the day) so I totally could see that happening. I grew up with worse wifi than most tho

  2. I've had the connecting/disconnecting issue recently. My WiFi was full strength and internet was working on my laptop. I fixed it by connecting my laptop to my phone's hotspot.

  3. My internet disconnects for a sec and need 10 seconds to restart sometimes. Maybe.. around 3 times a day? Idk if the repeater is at fault or whatever.

    But I don't care about that. What annoys me is when my step brother is home. 80-120 ping constant and sometimes ping goes up to 1200 or whatever and that takes a while to go down again. I can never play when he's at home.

  4. 17:49 yes. wifi is a bit more unstable of a connection. back when i use to play on wifi, i had connection issues. but when i got my pc updated and stuff, on the same internet connection, when playing from my pc which is hardwired to the internet, i have had 0 connection issues. but on laptop, i had loads of issues with connection. practically everygame i would lose connection atleast once.

  5. I love Huzzys main account climb videos. I agree with Huzzy on a lot of his opinions of league and his “old school” mentality. Unfortunately Huzzys videos have been turning into 30 minute complaint videos since preseason. Sad days man.

  6. I feel that as a jungler even tho like I gank bot early and we get them ahead well then top or mid struggles and blames it all on the jungler. I would love to gank bot again and again because it's the only positive thing the team is getting from it but suddenly top and mid get salty about the jungler only helping bot and just rage quits. It's super annoying so that's why like as a jungler we'd wanna help all lanes as best as we could, not to mention catching up on farm as well :')

  7. Hey man keep up the great work, one of these days I’ll catch your streams been subbed for over 1 year and half but lately work hasn’t let me watch, feels bad man, but your YouTube helps. Miss the twitch chat interactions from the community, yours is one of the best I think I’ve been in. Love the content keep it up

  8. Well early on you described why Ryze used to be such a threat up until 2020. Late game Exodia that is also pretty safe early. The thing with current Ryze though, is that he scales purely off of damage when before his tankiness also scaled parallel to his damage. However the removal of RoA and Seraph's shield, on top of the earlier removal of his own shield turned him into a scaling burst mage that has lower range than most mages, hence a turd


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