10 Worst Video Game Launches Ever

Failing to an impressive degree.

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31 thoughts on “10 Worst Video Game Launches Ever”

  1. I was able to convince my friends to not get Anthem.
    They kept saying how cool it looked, but I kept saying there was something fishy about it. And well there you go lol

  2. Oh Ben-Roy you little tease – holding up that box at the beginning. I wasn’t expecting “that game” to be on the list because, as you said about WWE, people buy certain franchises whatever.
    And BTW it’s pronounced “core” not “corpse”!

  3. I spent more 200 hours on Cyberpunk and it just worn me out with its terrible crashes and issues. The best lesson never pre order and wait at least one month before buying regardless of the publisher.

  4. In any other industry this would be stopped immediately , can’t see ford releasing a new car and after two days and 10 thousand accidents saying oh yeah we forgot the breaks but don’t worry come back in a week or two and we’ll fit them , the fact that game developers are releasing games unfinished isn’t acceptable and then saying oh it’s ok we’ll patch it …..they know it’s not right and yet still take our money I’d rather a game be delayed then get a buggy unplayable mess , you know who had a lot of patches…….. pirates and they robbed ppl and sailed off into the sunset with your money

  5. I'd definitely add Final Fantasy XIV to this list – it was so bad that they basically had to get rid of all the top creative management for the game and more-or-less rewrite the whole thing, with many public apologies along the way.


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