15 Beginners Tips And Tricks Valheim Doesn't Tell You

Given how massively popular Iron Gate AB’s open world survival title Valheim has become all of a sudden and the kind of reception it’s been getting from nearly everyone who’s playing it, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are thinking of taking the plunge and checking the game out for themselves.

This is already a large game though, in spite of only just having launched in early access, which means there’s a lot that new players have to get to grips with. If you’re such a player, here, we’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks to make your early hours in Valheim a bit smoother.


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  1. I recommend building little outpost often. You’ll want to make at minimum a small structure with the workbench and a bed. And just select that bed closest to you that way when you die your not 5km away when you respawn with nothing

  2. You can upgrade the workbench with building certain things I just wish doing so would make the build area larger. I’m sure those who play would agree. But you can just add more work benches

  3. Night time
    – Some enemies only spawn at night time. Most notably, Wraiths from Swamp area, which drops Chains, a quite rare resource that cannot be made from a Forge or Workbench. You need this to forge black metal shields and create hanging braziers. Another example is a Fenring from the Mountains to get their trophy.

    Campfire + Bed
    – You don't need to put the campfire near your bed to rest. As long as you maintain the campfire buff, you can use the bed regardless of where the campfire is. Case in point, I have a bed on the 2F of my home, but my campfire is at 1F. I can still use my bed since the campfire buff reaches me even though the campfire is not physically beside me.

    Rested Buff + Comfort Level
    – Comfort level is currently maxed out at Lv.17 with a max timer of 24 minutes (7 min at Lv.0 comfort). You need to place furnitures, rugs, banners, etc, around your house to increase your comfort level. This will also only work if you have Sheltered buff as well.

    – Simply build a high ceiling so that smoke will accumulate at the top part of your home, well out of reach. If you make a hole on your ceiling and it suddenly rains, it'll extinguish your campfire, preventing you from using your bed.

  4. "and you see a yellow piece, that means that it needs more support – or else, it might fall. Use a post or support beam to add support to that yellow piece before building further".

    WRONG. Yellow piece will not fall down – not even "might fall down". Nope. It doesn't.

  5. The building and support tip is incorrect, stability in this game is mostly about how many pieces it is from a grounded piece. Adding "support beams" won't do anything unless it adds a new ground point


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