AEW Console Game NEW Gameplay FULL Breakdown! Changes, Models, Details, Speed & More..

In this video we talk the latest AEW Console Games News & Updates! In-depth Breakdown of New Gameplay. Kenny Omega’s sneak peek of some Darby Allin artwork, character model and gameplay footage.. If you enjoy make sure to Subscribe & turn on notifications for All WWE 2K22 / WWE Games related content.

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40 thoughts on “AEW Console Game NEW Gameplay FULL Breakdown! Changes, Models, Details, Speed & More..”

  1. Looks a ton better than that first preview. I wasn't impressed with that. There's some cool stuff going on in this one. Like that dropkick into the apron was nice.

  2. Not all that hype for it yet. plus people will say its good and that their buying but we all know the gaming community by now they will have a different say when they actually play it.

  3. Buying both! I’ll have AEW invade WWE in universe mode and WWE invade AEW on their game. The game play resembles WWE 2K on AEW. Hopefully it has the WWE 2K19 controller set up in AEW. I’m looking forward to this game.

  4. I grew up 📺 wrestling so i 💕 all kinds of it but i've never 👀 ☝🏼 episode of aew so my 🥇 🤔 when I saw the new model was that someone made a broke sting but the seems 👌🏽i'm just 🙃 there will 🅱️ something other than 2k ✌🏽🎮

  5. For a game that's still in development, this looks deliciously crispy….. It's like HERE COMES THE PAIN mixed with SVR & I fucking love it….Now imagine if the Career Mode turns out to be like DEF JAM 🤑🤑🤑

  6. I read an article (which now I can not find) awhile ago when the first gameplay teaser dropped. Kenny Omega was asked why they showed that footage for the gameplay. Omega replied, "Cody [Rhodes] wanted to show that "version" of the game."

    I personally think there will be this version. More realistic look (Darby Allin). Sorta like WWE2K in a No Mercy Universe. Then, they'll also have an "arcadey" type of mode. Where the Superstars look "beefed up". Kinda odd that interview disappeared. I Definitely remember reading about that.

  7. Honestly the models it's cool.. the movements remember old series arcade the WWE SVR and TNA.. but the graphic is delusional is cartoonist.. the global illumination and the design of arena it's very bad. The animations isn't the same of WCW Nitro era videogame

  8. Looking at the green guy hes muscular but nowhere near the style Kenny omega was so I'm guessing there removing atleast some of the exaggerated muscles unless there looking for feedback comparing what people say about each body type is it too exaggerated is it not enough etc to get it perfect


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