DSP vs. Video Game Reviewers (and my sanity)

AKA “Let’s Psychoanalyse ‘Ask the King’ pt. 2”, or “why yes I bought a royalty-free music pack and intend to get my money’s worth”. Got this one out fairly quickly because I already had it all recorded and there wasn’t actually that much editing involved here, it was mainly one huge chunk; going to record the next one at some point over the next few days, and it should hopefully be out next week-ish, possibly the week after that, I dunno…

Suggest things I can draw on the blackboard in the comments below, or over on Twitter: www.twitter.com/OhDoShutUpSteve

Big ups TheNecroswanson, DSPSociety, and Nigel of UKIP for being a right laugh on Twitter and just generally all being really supportive and pahsitive. It really helps, guys, so cheers for that.


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4 thoughts on “DSP vs. Video Game Reviewers (and my sanity)”

  1. phil complains that a reviewer can't handle sexual content
    phil now can't handle sexual content himself

    phil says he's always been critical of mainstream reviewers
    phil now uses mainstream reviewers to determine whether he should play a game or not


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