It's Time You Grew Up And Stopped Playing Video Games

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I don’t think you should stop gaming just because people tell you it’s for children. Let’s discuss.

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44 thoughts on “It's Time You Grew Up And Stopped Playing Video Games”

  1. I'm 33 years old. I grew up playing games on Nintendo consoles and the battle between Nintendo and Sega. I witnessed the Launch of the PS1. The evolution of 3D gaming. The move from cartridge to CD. The revolution of analog sticks and rumble. The graphics revolution with the PS2. The move into DVD.

    I bought a PS5 at launch. I will buy a PS6 when I'm 40. I'll still be gaming when I'm 60. Sue me.

  2. Hi Rich. Fellow Rich born in 1980 in the UK. I get all of this video. I was pretty sporty and lots of my peers thought it weird that I was a gamer and like warhammer as that was just for the nerds. Now I’ve got loads of friends getting into both at 40 😂 There are many things I don’t like about modern society but encouraging people to be themselves and enjoy their hobbies is one big positive! I’ve noticed it’s been a great way for many parents our age to connect with their kids as well over lockdowns!

  3. I rather play a video game, watching its story unravel to you and then having the feeling of actually doing something in that world. Then sitting down watching a show and doing nothing. At least when you play a game, your brain is engaged with actions or puzzles.

  4. I'm 42 stopped gaming in the early 90s after 32x and 3do came out. I was too busy partying and going after girls. And rich is right, women back then women hated video games. I got back in when Ff7 came out when I was 18. Ps1 targeted adults and jrpgs were amazing.
    I'm still gaming, unfortunately divorced after 10 years marriage to a woman who couldn't stand gaming. Now looking st dating sites and no woman over 30 ever puts video games as an hobby. It's annoying, especially when I see people on YouTube play with their spouse.

  5. I am a sports man, a Socialite and a gamer and proud of it – basically I'm me, Why do people keep putting gamers into a box ( witch is basically prejudice) its just another past time like watching movies, going to football games or watching theater.

    And with Covid and lockdown it has probably been a blessing for a lot of people

  6. Anyone who says to me video games are juvenile makes me laugh, I reply: when you give up what you love you place one foot in your own grave.

    In a world where you can identify as anything I don’t know why people still give a crap about what people do in they’re free time 🤷‍♂️

    Loved the video, I can relate 👍

  7. I got the 2013 style of the Xbox One. I’ve had newer models but ended up back with this old one n survive lol. When I finally get a series X I’m gonna be grateful n amazed!

  8. Remember kids and other people of random ages. Books, newspapers, and so on were seen as antisocial of their times. Now I’m glad the compas I knew and know are the real compas with passion who didn’t fall into alcohol, drugs, and so on.

  9. My several year gaming hiatus ended because a friend of mine said he pre-ordered a ps4 pro with Red Dead Redemption 2. I was like 'that sounds cool' and I pre-ordered one too. My jaw was on the floor the entire time i was playing it. Then I discovered From Software, and ive played everyday since.

  10. So I was sitting in my car the other day and I was eating my lunch on break. I seen a group of people in the lot across the street showing of their cars, hoods up doors open, and it was neat but it got me thinking about my computer setup and how much work I put into it and how much I care about it.honestly, if you like something then don’t worry what others say because, you’ll always find a group of people who enjoy your hobby just as much as you do.

  11. Video Games are great for memory too i used to play super street fighter 2 turbo when i was younger and still remember the input L.Punch, L.Punch, ➡️, L.Kick, H.Punch 🙂 now pulling it off fast enough now is the real challenge 😂😂

  12. Im a hardcore gamer. Born 1981 and i know excatly wht rich is talking about. I went in to toys r us and tried mario64 demo and it blew my mind. I had to get it. It was such a leap in technology

  13. I was born pre nintendo and in jr. high if you still played video games all it did was make you get a video game friend. I was only called a kid if i played or talked video games to much. I guess it all depends where you lived

  14. Personally I've never come across this mindset. Maybe it's more common in the US than the UK. Personally I think every retirement home should have a PS5 with fall guys.

  15. i never understood why people judge you for playing video games when they dont judge you for other things like watching a movie tv show playing sports or reading a book you just talk about games or your life is all games

  16. I'm an Asian, born and raised. (I was born in 1986) I can say that if not for gaming I would not be where I am and be able to provide to my family like I'm able to. I'm so grateful of how my mom raised me caring the most about what her kids want to do not what others think. Gaming play the most part of my life, it led me to language, technologies, art, etc.

  17. 11:00 We had a Media Pay in a town close to where I lived in MN, and I remember VIVIDLY in 2005 going into that store with my mom and when she wasn't looking (I was 12 at the time) playing a demo for the first level of God of War. It had either just come out or was about to come out but I remember being blown away by how fast the combat was – I got the HD version of the game 6 years later and found I had muscle memory from the little bit I played. Media Play was a kickass store!

  18. Things have gotten better in terms of being "a gamer" though. Back in the mid-90's I wrote on the school paper. I did game reviews once. You'd think I was writing about hardcore pron.
    My Spanish teacher was flipping when I entered the room while reading the paper. The author names weren't listed so she didn't know who wrote it. I immediately told her I did. Her reaction
    was "So?". My principal loved them though. As did my close friends. But, the reaction of the school as a whole was heavily negative. …You could go the arcade no problem though.🤷‍♂️

  19. I'm 26 and I can't simply imagine growing up and witnessing the absolute leap in technology. Especially in gaming. The closest thing I can remember would be going from a gameboy color to a friggin xbox.

  20. Lol c’mon man! (Channeling my inner Biden). Girls like you more when you’re just honest and confident about it. I mean, sure, I gave up Warhammer at like 12 because that was far too geeky, but down the line, I had no problem talking about how I played vidya, girls thought it was cool 🙂

  21. This was really inspiring. My last console before the PS5 was a knockoff NES. ~30 years of hiatus later – its amazing to see where gaming has come. And a huge part of it is the PS5's looks which makes it a cool addition to the living room for gamers and non – gamers alike

  22. I don't understand why we have people running around, caring what other people do with their time. If you care what other's are doing, then your not concentrating on your own life. And the problem is most people who give advice, have turned it into a business. So they want to make money from you, because you cannot make a decision about what you want to do with your life. Society does not get to tell you, how to live people. Whatever you want to do with your time, as long as your not hurting anyone and working at a job, that pays for your hobby. Then you do you, and tell society to get fecked. And as for whatever it is you enjoy, having social ramifications or health concerns. Well that's choices you have to make for you, want to lose weight cool. Want to stop drinking or smoking, that's fair enough. But do it for you, not because society tells you thin is better. Or alcahol is bad in whatever quantity, or smoking is disgusting. Because most of those people have an agenda, wether money or their opinions, religious belief's e.t.e. You have one life, and your not (maybe) coming back. So do what makes you happy, and make your own choices, don't allow society to dictate to you. And hat includes me or anyone else, just live your life your way.

  23. I had a huge gaming hiatus too. Took like an 8-9 year break from gaming dealing with depression. But when I got my mind strong again, I started gaming again and couldn't have been happier to get back into it.

    I missed a whole gaming generation but I love games as it is something fun to do alone and with friends especially when there's nothing else to do 😄!

    If people can sit in front of a damn TV all day and watch the news or other brainless crap, then we can game! At least gaming is interactive and it can stimulate the creative regions of the brain unlike sitting their mindlessly watching the news 😁‼️

    Everyone enjoy your hobbies… Forgot whatever negative nonsense that anyone says about your hobbies!


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