NEW Nvidia Shield TV Upgrade 8.2.2 adds support for PS5, Xbox S X/S controller, and Cyberpunk 2077

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SHIELD Experience Upgrade 8.2.2(32.6.509.0). This update addresses many quality of life issues reported in the field, improving stability and compatibility with other devices in your home entertainment center.
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Adds support for new Xbox Series S/X and Playstation Dual Sense controllers
Adds support for Control4 home automation systems
Adds option in advanced sound settings to disable volume control notifications
Bug fixes

Resolve issue where flashing color band would be visible when viewing video in portrait mode
Resolves corruption issue observed at the bottom of the screen when upscaling content to 4K displays

Fixes bug where password for sharing folders on SHIELD over network would reset after upgrade
Fixes bug where sharing folders on SHIELD over network would not work after upgrade if space is present in username
Resolves issue where user could not re-enter Wi-Fi password for low power APs
Resolves issue where some USB connected drives would not reconnect on wakeup

Resolves issue where holding volume up/down would not be detected by some devices
Resolves issue where SHIELD Controller 2017 would not recharge

Fixes bug where manually setting Audio output formats was not working correctly
Fixes bug where audio from USB DAC would not function properly when switching between PCM and Dolby source
Resolves issue where system volume was still being controlled right after IR volume control configured
Fixes bug where DD+ surround was unavailable in prime video
Other: Restores ability to take screenshots in 4K (requires display set to 4K)
11:09 Gaming / Final Thoughts
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31 thoughts on “NEW Nvidia Shield TV Upgrade 8.2.2 adds support for PS5, Xbox S X/S controller, and Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. I have a Shield TV, and I love it! However, this update isn’t that beneficial for me because I don’t play games. I couldn’t care less about them. Still, I’ll probably update anyway just in case I shall change my mind. Thanks anyway for mentioning it in your video. Peace.

  2. Never had this problem before upgrade but did upgrade to 8.2.2 and now when shield put's itself to sleep, when I press to awaken it, remote never works. Have to manually unplug then replug shield box to get remote to work. Never had this problem before upgrade. Why?

  3. I use a ROKU Ultra and I have seen that the apps work differently on different devices.
    For instance; The FUBO tv app on ROKU has more features than the one on the Firestick according to other posts that I have read.
    Does Nvidia Shield carry the most complete app features?
    I might consider changing when I'm ready to update my streaming device, but I don't want to take a step backwards when I do.
    Also do you know if the same apps are available on Nvidia Shield as on ROKU?

  4. Great video. My Shield Pro arrives this week so this video is definitely timely. Thanks lad. One quick question, I currently subscribe to Geforce Now and I run it on my Samsung S4 tablet and also on my new Google TV. Is the user Geforce Now 1080p experience different than my other Android devices? Does the 4k upscaling inherent in the unit come into play when using Geforce Now?

  5. i did new update on shield i notice watch live iptv it with watch show and go in and out 2 second i did twice today i have 4k projector change from 2160-30 auto to 4k 2160 60 i notice in and out

  6. After this update my shield no longer switches Dolby Atmos / Dolby Vision Icons on screen when I Play a movie or Show From Netflix / Disney + Anyone know whY and what Should do the only thing I did was Upgrade too 8k cables 🙁

  7. Hello! Does the Adaptive Triggers of the PS5 Controllers work too, if you use it with the Shield TV Pro / Nvidia Gaming / Gamestream?
    That's most important reason for use a PS5 Controller for Shield 😅
    Greetings from Germany

  8. Thank you for the video Triple M. Would you recommend the Xbox wireless controller over the NVidia controller? I'm leaning towards the Xbox wireless controller just because I can use it with my NVidia Shield Pro, Windows 10 laptop and the android phone? The Xbox wireless controller sounds like the ONE controller that can connect to pretty much everything… unless you think there's a better controller out there? Thanks again!

  9. I did the update on my Nvidia Shield Pro. At the same time I did an update on Cinema HD. Now, no movie or tv show will play on the VLC player. In the MX player, I have changed the HW setting to HW+. I use Real debrid links and most have no sound even with the HW+ setting. Is there any way to get sound and video with VLC or sound on all Real Debris links with the MX player?


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