Nobody Tosses a Dwarf – The Video Game

I made a game (LINK BELOW) where you toss dwarves into orcs with normal voices ¯_(ツ)_/¯

iOS/Android/AR: Coming soon!

Toss dwarves into waves of orcs to earn Maggoty Bread. GOSH!​

Mouse Click or hold ‘E’ to grab a dwarf. Move your mouse and let go to yeet ’em into those gosh darn orcs!

Earn 3 Maggoty Breads for each level to unlock GOSH MODE to wreck havoc and discover hidden secrets!

I made this game in 3 days with little sleep, so mind any bugs you run into. Enjoy, and be sure to eat your maggoty bread. Gosh!

NOTE: Unlike this video, I had to use only original sounds and voices in the actual game.


Tools I used to build this gosh darn game:
Unity 2020 for Game and AR development
Visual Studio / C# for coding those boiiz
ProBuilder for building structures
Unity Terrain Tools for sculpting the land
CC0 Textures for, you guessed it, textures
Paint.NET for designing the UI (best tool ever)
Blender 3D modeling
Adobe Premiere Pro for making this video
Audacity for recording my goshes
BurtBot’s Elite Programming skillz



UI, Programming, Design, Gameplay, AR, Maggoty Bread: BurtBot

Music: Master of the Feast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.




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32 thoughts on “Nobody Tosses a Dwarf – The Video Game”

  1. me watching video man some of this stuff must have taken forever to make. The editing of the audio clips alone seems hellacious I wonder when he started such an ambitious project.

    burtbot oh ya know, three days ago

    me GOSH


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