Northpoint – The Northern Barony of High Rock | Skyrim New Lands Mod | Gameplay

This new lands mod for Skyrim adds Northpoint, the northern barony of High Rock located on the northern coast of Rivenspire. A winter wonderland, filled with snow, plague, and mystery. New world space, town, dungeons, creatures, items, and more. For Skyrim LE and Skyrim Special Edition on PC.

Northpoint by ionis

Video footage from Skyrim Special Edition (PC)

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0:00 Go to Northpoint
1:10 Map
2:04 Northpoint City
3:23 Exploring
4:54 New creatures
5:20 More exploring
6:20 Sheep
6:46 Dungeon
9:47 Temple
11:08 New armor

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15 thoughts on “Northpoint – The Northern Barony of High Rock | Skyrim New Lands Mod | Gameplay”

  1. For those unaware, this mod is actually part of a project from several years ago to recreate the Northpoint region with quests, full voice acting, etc. Unfortunately, the project stalled and eventually fell through entirely, but one of the creators decided to release what they had as this mod, which is why some parts may seem unfinished. If I'm not mistaken, the author has given permission to use the worldspace as a base to create new mods set in Northpoint, but I'd have to check the description on the mod page to be sure.

  2. Oh, I didn't realize they released it, I was just looking at the 3D artist's page a couple weeks back (I think I was looking for a wereboar model, as I wasn't fond of the 'Beasts of Tamriel' one).

  3. Hope some of the new creatures get ported into the base game. Grawl are native to solestheim so adding them there would be awesome. And wereboar would make sense existing in the reach considering it boarders High rock where they are native.


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