Which class IS BEST for NEW and SOLO players?! // Outriders

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We are taking a look at survivability here. What is the best class for newcomers, and solo players alike. A lot of different things help an Outriders survive on Enoch…they just all do it a little differently.

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Healing & Survivability – 0:00 – 3:00
Trickster 3:00 – 4:45
Pyromancer 4:45 – 6:04
Thicc Boi 6:05 – 7:45
Technomancer – 7:46 – 12:05

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12 thoughts on “Which class IS BEST for NEW and SOLO players?! // Outriders”

  1. Everything you said about them healing was my first thought when I heard each characters strengths and weaknesses. When the technomamcer was announced, I knew immediately he was the best solo character. Healing with good dps and turrets for aggro. Everything a solo player like myself needs. I plan on using a full pestilence build, toxic bullets, toxic turret, cold snap/fixing wave. Going to solo the game to world tier 15 before I play with anyone.


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