#shorts FNF Evil Sonic VS Friday Night Funkin'

FNF Pibby Corrupted but this time we battle Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Steven, Spinel, Mordecai. We’ll be playing the official FNF X Pibby mod on very hard. This basically got a huge remastered, the true owners of each pibby assets gave permission to a modder to use for their official pibby mod, and here we are playing one of the hugest Come Learn With Pibby mod. A lot of new songs, charts, and a remix in Freeplay. There will be another update, 2.0 patch in the future with cutscenes, and all.

Will Boyfriend, Girlfriend & Pibby manage to beat them or will the others use their corruption power to beat BF and GF in this mod?


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