Squid Game in Among Us – EP1

Among animation.

Among us zombie.
Among us zombie ep 39

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38 thoughts on “Squid Game in Among Us – EP1”

  1. Ok,this is really cool but…WHERES LEON AND THE BABY CREWMATES!?also we just got to mira HQ and we just got 2 new bosses,You've could've done it by knocking out the big green boss and letting the white bat one regenarate and carry the green zombie boss,also some (COLORFUL) zombies could drive the airship to the squid game skeld.

  2. New episode 😍, if it weren't for the Squid Game we will be waiting for like year to watch the next episode 😭. Please upload the next ep ASAP 😅🙏 I love your animation and subscribed to u. I hope you'll upload the upcoming episodes everyweek 😅😊✨


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