TABS Multiplayer Update! NEW Factions & Maps – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Multiplayer!

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Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Online Multiplayer Update – TABS Gameplay

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50 thoughts on “TABS Multiplayer Update! NEW Factions & Maps – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Multiplayer!”

  1. Just came here from Blitz Tabs video and oof, I thought you finished the evil campaign first. Kinda sad that you spoiled the last boss, at least I think you did. I don't think I saw him aside from the multiplayer.

    Well, good play still, lmao. Sad that I couldn't get tabs during a promo cause my potato pc can't even run it.

    Edit: Mmm…maybe I just missed the demon lord from the campaign on second thought…Idk.

  2. you should do a Q&A i wanna see how your doing with all this stuff going on, tell us if your gonna make a game or if your already making one i just wanna see how your holding up

  3. Baron, the storm cloud units act similarly to the gunslingers. This means that large and flying units like the reaper of ice giant can’t take any damage from the storm cloud.

  4. Wait so if it's finally released fully on computer then what about Xbox?!, I still have it on preview for my Xbox and it hasn't been updating since the nostalgic update with the wizard and stuff, I don't have any of these new settings, I still only have sandbox campaign settings and roadmap, did they give up on Xbox and they're not going to work on it anymore or is it just taking longer?


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