Taxi2G being done with Apex for 6 minutes

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Intro by: Fablers, Tom Kenny & Jetason – Collide

Outro: Caspro – Memory Drive…

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46 thoughts on “Taxi2G being done with Apex for 6 minutes”

  1. You’re a clown for accusing people of being controller players just because they outplay you. What’s wrong with using a controller anyways? If it’s so OP, why doesn’t everyone do it? Sometimes you just get caught with your pants down, and it’s better to say good job than to just try and act like you’re some god that’s better than everyone else. I had never even heard of you until I saw a clip online of someone beaming you in the back and you never even look at them, and then you immediately call them a controller player before you even see the person playing β€” what kind of mental gymnastics is that? I don’t know man, I just lost a lot of respect for you for your poor attitude


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