The Changed Trio [Changed Mod + Dr K] Friday Night Funkin

Update 3

The science man himself showed up. And he isn’t here to mess around.

The full mod with 3 new weeks (Colin, Puro, and Dr K) with dialogue once again for each week

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Table of Contents
0:00 Intro
0:10 Menu’s
0:36 Waking Up cutscene
1:09 Waking Up
2:43 Infected cutscene
3:13 Infected
5:43 Reliving the Past cutscene
6:02 Reliving the Past
8:13 True Ending cutscene
8:27 True Ending
10:20 The Student cutscene
10:43 The Student
12:21 Intelligence cutscene
12:46 Intelligence
15:11 Brain Rot cutscene
15:53 Brain Rot
18:00 Mad Scientist cutscene
18:45 Mad Scientist
21:34 Final Draft cutscene
22:35 Final Draft
24:45 Outro


43 thoughts on “The Changed Trio [Changed Mod + Dr K] Friday Night Funkin”

  1. Me sees bf is now latex: great now I draw myself killing him.

    Me now when he talks about maids in the final draft dialogue: I draw myself killing myself.

    Now me: calls dr.k mr. stupid idiot


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