The Downfall of Minecraft & Mojang… has begun?

» Minecraft & Mojang keep making serious mistakes.
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I want to bring attention to some very serious flaws in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, primarily consisting of game breaking glitches that Mojang have specifically said they will not fix. Second off, I need to talk about a fairly secret version of Minecraft that certain Marketplace partners have access to in order to make their creations, wherein I’ll be talking about how Mojang have reacted to these versions getting leaked to the public.

The Unfortunate Truth of Minecraft’s #1 Texture Pack
They STOLE and SOLD this Minecraft Mod…
Is Minecraft Chunk Blending Safe?
they’re going to REMOVE Minecraft’s World Border?!
Visiting the Minecraft HQ
Minecraft’s WORST Glitch

@Element X @Minecraft @Dream
TantalusC –
Mojang’s 1.18 Chunk Blending Video –


0:00 Intro
3:11 Getting started
3:40 Glitch: falling through the world
3:53 Glitch: random deaths
4:18 No hardcore mode…
4:31 Chunk Blending is broken in Bedrock Edition…
6:10 Mountains break at 2.8m blocks in Bedrock…
7:32 The Minecraft Marketplace
8:19 Dream never gave permission for these…
9:03 Minecraft Developer Edition
10:37 The copyright strikes…
12:06 Mojang’s response
13:40 “Concept art is not a commitment”
14:04 Minecraft Java & Bedrock are one purchase now?

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27 thoughts on “The Downfall of Minecraft & Mojang… has begun?”

  1. Quite frankly I don’t get why anyone plays bedrock. Unless it’s your only option like on consoles it just doesn’t make sense, it’s a vastly inferior version to Java.

  2. I really dislike how they keep overpromising update content and then pulling back on exciting features that people keep expecting. If it's really that much more work to add those features into an update, then I feel like they could spend maybe two years on each new version instead of just one, like they've made their precedent for the past while.

  3. The final nail in the coffin was the forced account migration some months ago. It didn't work, my (newly created Microsoft) account got locked and now I should give Microsoft my phone number? I will never do that.
    I just want to play a simple game with as little interference of Microsoft as possible. That is not doable anymore.

  4. its infuriating because out of the whole wild update, theyve hardly even updated the actual wild terrain youll see… sure theres a new surface biome, but thats about it. for something called the WILD update, it just feels unfinished and lacking

  5. Being that many people play bedrock and we are treated like this is disappointing and the fact that the only way we get anything close to mods are behind a paywall it feels wrong. I do see the side of creators being compensated for their work but seeing how you can't apply it to a world of your choosing is lame and in my opinion not worth buying. Thank you antvenom for shedding light on these issues you do the Minecraft player base justice.

  6. Wait! there is a secret developer version on Minecraft that Mojang wants to keep completely secret?! Suddenly I'm not so convinced that that Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions ARG channel is actually an ARG and not real historic versions of Minecraft Alpha.

  7. Them combining access to the two games in one purchase is a good move. I've had no experience with Bedrock edition, but it seems like a more neglected and money fixated version. I kinda wonder if features are held back from Java edition when Bedrock also can't deliver them, like a way of keeping some form of feature parity. I hope not, but who knows

  8. I think it’s mostly MoJang’s false promises that are really making the community upset. It’s one thing if it happens once or twice, but it’s the fact that it continues to constantly happen. MoJang hypes everyone up with things they’re adding then they either get delayed or not added at all. The Warden and Deep Dark were supposed to arrive in 1.18, but was delayed to 1.19 and about half the things in 1.19 were scrapped so the Warden was one of the biggest parts of 1.19 and that was supposed to be added in the last update. It’s just a cycle that isn’t healthy and can cause conflict.

  9. The problem with trying to force the 'Microsoft Account' crap and canning the modding api; Mojang needs to get their shit together and stop trying to make stupid/arbitrary changes or lip service and fix their shit. If the problem is that they're unable/untrustable with handling the Minecraft development, they should just release the source code on AGPL and allow for the 'community' to take over.

  10. After everything you said and what other people said and personal experience i can safely say… Java does get the special treatment. I primarily play bedrock due to my potato PC and i will say after playing java and bedrock… java has WAY less bugs. For example: in my survival world i had some villager's in a cage with no way for zombies to get them. Guess what they disapeared out of thin air and i still do not know why… So yeah Java gets the special treatment.

  11. Minecraft has always been headed for trouble, since the beginning. The game simply isn't being developed well, fundamental systems haven't been changed in years, and they think that adding new aesthetic things will keep people quiet. Frogs are cool, but what we need is an overhaul of mining or the inventory, not another mob that doesn't do much.

  12. I never in my entire life
    Ok 9 months ago I bought Minecraft Bedrock so its just 9 months no entire life
    I never clicked Marketplace button and now I see that is best thing I have never done.


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