The History of Video Game Dungeons

Dungeons are awesome but… why do we call them “dungeons”? Let’s find out!

Notable Footage Used:

DESCENT INTO DOOM! Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Game!
By: Dwarven Forge

How to Play DD part 1 – A Sample Game Session
By: WASD20

Planning Session ONE: How I Prep for Dungeons & Dragons
By: Black Magic Craft

How to Play Dungeon Fantasy Board Game, Dungeons and Dragons
By: Tabletop Jason


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37 thoughts on “The History of Video Game Dungeons”

  1. Fun fact: the most secure "Dungeons" (aka prisons) in medieval times were high in the Keep towers; not the underground basements. the tower dungeons really only had one escape route (that being the stairwell leading to the first floor, though technically you could escape from the window, but you'd be running the risk of loosing your grip on the outer wall).
    yeah, I'm a big fan of the medieval things.

  2. While D&D and other pen and paper RPGs weren't designed to be played alone, there are ways to play them solo. There are a few dungeonmaster/gamemaster emulators out there that allow you to play on your own, or to play as a group with no specified gamemaster. Tunnels & Trolls, a game inspired by D&D with a much less serious world, actually includes ways to play solo in its core rules, and there are a ton of solo T&T scenarios you can play. T&T was first released in 1975, so it's clear introverted nerds such as myself were finding ways to play RPGs on their own even before video games.

  3. I love this sort of video, I had zelda at the back of my skull during the video. But everything you said was interesting to me. I hope you make more video's like this. This video is the best Non-zelda video you made. you have a great streak now! With the major mask video, evolution of Hyrule and bokoblin docu. Great video, man!

  4. I never knew that dungeons were storage rooms rather than prisons. I love history and have watched many medieval documentaries and I've never heard that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Great video as always!

  5. This was great, I think you should make more videos not limited to the Zelda franchise. (While still focusing on Zelda of course) Especially since the news about botw2 are getting a little dry. I see no point in limiting yourself for no reason to Zelda.

  6. I didn't know what to expect from this video but man what a ride. Everytime I thought it would get boring "oh look, here we go defining a dungeon" it was actually insanely interesting and surprising.


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