What I think is missing in video games today.

This video is about what I think is missing in todays video games compared to back in the day.

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SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a83feE_oTI&list=PLdsGes2mFh92eHpOZVJQgoubb6rF0CcvU&index=1

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8 thoughts on “What I think is missing in video games today.”

  1. Totally agree with the game cover and the game manuals. They were so cool. The covers were awesome and when I wanted to rent something I would definitely read the back summery too.

  2. Good vid and agree with you. Games are just not as exciting these days. The Game manual is a big deal for me, I won’t buy a older game without it! Also artwork has got boring too like you say. I’m buying as many older games as I can and I’m avoiding the new gen stuff for a little while.


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