The Story Death's Rising – Shadowlands Pre-Event (Ally & Horde POV) [Lore]

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Death’s Rising is the pre-event for the Shadowlands showing the world what it means to no longe rhave a Lich King on the throne. Sylvanas and her Maw allies have kidnapped some of our leaders while Nathanos Blightcaller is just chilling at his home, taunting us to come for him. The expansion is almost upon us, ahhhh can not wait! I hope you’ll enjoy ^_^

Sylvanas strikes 0:002:18
Alliance 2:197:46
Horde 7:4711:27
No Lich King 11:2818:52
Nathanos 18:5324:00
To the Shadowlands! 24:0124:39

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21 thoughts on “The Story Death's Rising – Shadowlands Pre-Event (Ally & Horde POV) [Lore]”

  1. Y'know it kind of bums me out everyone hates Nathanos, I always thought he had a cool backstory being the only human to ever become a ranger lord and there was a lot of cool story laid out with him and Sylvannas in TBC with the ghostlands being opened up.(nobody said anything about not liking him back then and he was just as much of an asshole) Sure he's a simp but almost every NPC in WoW just gobbles the player characters knob but not Nathanos. Hail champion, Savior of Azeroth, Hero of the Alliance, Chosen Warrior of the Horde blah blah blah it's so boring and one dimensional all the time.

  2. 7:37 uhhh… Shaw and Valeera were flirting with each other (outside of the Stormwind embassy)… And Flynn has a thing for Taelia (alliance Freehold quests)….

    Plz don't tell me they are ret-con'n those two to be gay…

  3. It also makes political sense for Greymane to stay away from the throne. There are no doubt those among the nobles who don't trust the Worgen. Him taking control of Stormwind could easily be seen as an attempt at a coup and cause needless infighting.


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