Alien Isolation Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass]

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Alien Isolation Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this incredible single player horror game where you play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda, dealing with spooky creatures. Xbox Store: [Ad]. Not only will you be followed by these monsters, you’ll also come across bad androids and other problems while trying to survive.

Alien Isolation Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this incredibly authentic experience that truly captures the original film style, but within this game. You’ll feel the terror, the fear and excitement too of dealing with towering aliens roaming about and coming after you. You’ll have minimal tools to use and you’ll need to be smart in order to become effective for survival.

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#AlienIsolation #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this exciting and very well done horror game that beautifully recreates the spirit of the movies while having a great protagonist and an excellent set of characters in this brand new weirdly creepy spooky space atmospheric game. It’s expansive, but linear with some choices in how you tackle some situations.

It’s an exciting experience, one with terrifying scenes that should delight with jump scares throughout. It’s got an excellent story, surprisingly well done character development and so many twists along the way. It’s definitely a different sort of setup, and an exciting one at that. Such a neat representation of this universe, and definitely worth it. The ultimate best Alien Isolation Xbox Series X review and gameplay.


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  1. This game is so severely underrated. The atmosphere, mechanics and atmosphere is absolutely brilliant. The feeling of constant danger is absolutely pressing, and I love it. Truly a landmark title.

  2. I was glad to discover this in game pass. Currently on a survival horror phase lol. I'm still trying to get into this game just started it but it really is underrated. Solid graphics and catches the feel of the movie perfectly. The game is a bit slow for my taste but it works for this franchise
    I'm kinda shocked that they haven't released another Aliens game for consoles since.

  3. One of my favorite games of all time. Beat it 4 times and the Xenomorph had my heart racing every time. I probably spent more time hiding than playing cuz I’m nervous to make a move. That first person view has you so engaged especially when he’s behind you and you don’t know. I remember the 1st time I played how happy/relieved I was when I made it past a certain part and you can walk around freely for a period, to only go down to the nest and was like nooooo!


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