1 BRUTAL Mistake For EVERY RANK in Apex Legends – PRO Tips to RANK UP – Advanced Guide

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28 thoughts on “1 BRUTAL Mistake For EVERY RANK in Apex Legends – PRO Tips to RANK UP – Advanced Guide”

  1. The thing i notice the most for plat 4 stuck players is that usually they always hot drop.
    On Worlds edge they always drop Fragment east/west because they think "There's a lot of players which equals a lot of points" without realizing plat is -36 and 90% of plat players are sweaty.
    So if you get rinsed without getting a single kill or assist back to back to back matches thats over 100 points.

    My tip for plat is to find a spot where theirs only 1-2 squads and try to get at least 3 kills/assists from that. You'll still be down -6 if get 3 kills but once you're the only squad in that area you can loot up, heal, figure out rotation and if you make top 10 while you do all that, you get an extra 10 points and you'll be up +4 and after that the points rack up quickly with higher placement and more kills you get.

    I usually stop when i hit plat because i grind multiple games through out the split so by the time i reach plat there's like 6 days left and i just settle for it because solo queing is one of the most frustrating things i ever experienced,but last season i had like 29 days so i grinded plat and learned that strategy real quick.

  2. hard stuck in diamond or higher is most of the time lack of communication (working in team). In lower ranks a decend player can solo q and 1 v 2 or 3 a team from time to time. In diamond and higher this is generally not the case. That's why every decent solo player gets hard stuck D4 because of multiple enemy teams who actually play together (not even talking about the 3pred stackers that murder every D4 lobby)

  3. The biggest problem i have playing in Plat is that many masters and Preds who are obviously better than me are in the lobby and me and my friends always end up fighting 6 teams at once


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