1 Hour of… Apex Legends Ranked Gains – Apex Legends Season 11 Solo Ranked

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29 thoughts on “1 Hour of… Apex Legends Ranked Gains – Apex Legends Season 11 Solo Ranked”

  1. The grav cannon room that Rich lands at cuck'd me SO bad yesterday. We were fighting a squad that was being super sweaty at the entrance, and we finally managed to roll them, AND the third party that showed up. I stopped long enough to heal as my teammates aped the 3rd party into the grav cannon. They somehow got rolled, and I couldn't help because the grav cannon shot my fat Gibby a$$, face first into the wall twice, then chucked me just far enough to clear the wall and plop me out of bounds.

  2. Bro you are way way way way toooooooo good to be in silver. Like leagues better than I am and I'm in Gold 4. I lucked out and won two games in a row and gold from silver 2 to gold 4 from those 2 games

  3. I really like this style of video. I would way rather play ranked due to the type of games you get. Just wish theyd remove tier demotion protection so I could stay in gold lol. I go back to pubs once I get out of gold since its too tough on the solo grind for a 1kd kind of player


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