1 Milion Rubles per Hour, NO Risk, NO Keys, NO Lab – Escape from Tarkov GUIDE 2021

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An easy method to earn money while watching the streams…
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SERVER- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?q=skra&sort=score

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41 thoughts on “1 Milion Rubles per Hour, NO Risk, NO Keys, NO Lab – Escape from Tarkov GUIDE 2021”

  1. I'm from the USA and I can vouch for what you said you're better off just assuming that everybody is a liberal Democrat this way you don't ever end up having to worry about offending somebody and losing your job or your livelihood…

  2. good vid, I've been on the injured reserve list for EFT for like years but I always like to watch ppls vids to at least feel like I'm aware of how people are doing things. Thanks for making it along with the entertainment.

  3. I am downloading tarkov now! I am syked man!! "BadBarryB" is my ID. I'm going to follow you man and do what your saying man!!! I WANT TO BE IN THE Skryarmy man! I kant spell I know this! I am for you man!!

  4. My way of easy money making on the low risk side is to just go into interchange with a raid backpack and a big rig and hit all the pc's and tech stores after the initial fights. A few raids makes me 3 mil pretty easy selling all the tech on the flea. If I'm lucky I'll get a graphics card or Tetriz that some blind fool left behind.


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