10 BEST AGENTS to CARRY LIKE A GOD! – Valorant Guide

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39 thoughts on “10 BEST AGENTS to CARRY LIKE A GOD! – Valorant Guide”

  1. Dude you missed reyna!! Her ult, empress and quick full heal are too op. If shes on ult, its a nightmare for other players. You should have at least included in top 10 as its an agent to usually make clutches or even aces.

  2. Chamber is a better agent than killjoy but hes not a better sentinel. All of killjoy abilities are defensive while chamber has only 1 ability that can be considered as a sentinel abilty and people just use it for info

  3. Reyna be like :" Am I a Joke To U?"

    Not including such A Beast Agent that is Totally based on raw performance is just unfair

    Plus why use Reyna in thumbnail if she's not in the list


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