10 BEST CHAMPIONS To CLIMB Out Of Low Elo – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Top Lane
0:22 Irelia
1:32 Camille
2:29 Jungle
2:33 Jarvan IV
3:16 Ekko
4:02 QOTD
4:25 Mid Lane
4:29 Annie
5:09 Seraphine
6:06 Bot Lane
6:10 Jinx
6:57 Tristana
8:07 Support
8:11 Brand
8:52 Nautilus
9:38 Outro

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49 thoughts on “10 BEST CHAMPIONS To CLIMB Out Of Low Elo – League of Legends”

  1. Been following this channel for years now and I'm starting to think they're running out of content or their analysis isn't thorough enough. I mean how can you put camille, irelia and ekko on a low elo recommendation video?
    Also please if you wanna main support and carry don't play brand, you'll do the community a great favor.

  2. Tbh, In the past season Katarina made me climb up from Gold – Masters, having a 70+ Wr. Literally can carry those hardstuck teammates. This season, I don't know since I stopped playing because of the pandemic


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