10 GENIUS HIDDEN MECHANICS in Video Games You Can't See

Some video games use brilliant tricks behind the scenes to make games satisfying. Here are some more of our favorite examples.
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34 thoughts on “10 GENIUS HIDDEN MECHANICS in Video Games You Can't See”

  1. I remember "Three Leaf Clover" in GTA IV. If you make it to the subway then die, they make your second play easier to get to the subway. I didn't like that. I remember old GTA games being unrelenting.

  2. I don’t know if I’m alone in this or not but I swear in dark souls if you die enough times in an area, the game eventually removes some enemies in that area.

  3. HL's only 2 enemies can shoot you at a time is probably the most simple but least immersion breaking I think, because it's kinda realistic. 1. You're not instantly swiss cheesed and 2. It's kinda like they're trying to conserve their resources against you, by not unloading everything they have immediately.

  4. 2:55 In Splatoon 2, only 1 Octarian can attack at once, and be even less likely to hit if you can't see them (Octosnipers excepted, they literally warn you, they can always pinpoint attack). In the Octo Expansion, 2-3 enemies can attack at once, bomb things and Octosnipers also excepted.

  5. The way a lot of games make enemies less aggressive when they're in groups bugs me more and more. I mean, I get that things would be horribly frustratingly hard if enemies that were a threat on their own fought just as hard when there are six of them, but it also seems so fake and sorta demeaning every time I notice most of the group is doing nothing, or maybe they just attack way less often when they outnumber you. Winning when you're outnumbered is no cooler than winning one-on-one if the enemy aggression is inversely proportionate to their numbers. I really wish there were a better solution. Or at least a solution I didn't notice.

    Personally, I think allowing enemies to hit each other would be a good solution for games with lots of melee combat. Unlike the fakeness of making enemies just stand around, it would feel entirely justified for enemies to attack less in groups if it's to avoid hitting their allies. But even if they do keep swinging away, at least with enemy friendly fire active, groups would be stunning each other by accident and thus still reducing an otherwise overwhelming stream of attacks. Enemies don't even have to do actual damage to each other really, just cause stun, knockdown, etc. That seems like it would be such a natural solution to managing otherwise overwhelming numbers without the game straight-up cheating for you. Really, if anything it always feels like cheating to me when one enemy's sword just magically phases through another on the way to hitting me.

  6. Then you have Wolfenstein New Order, where when you restart a check point in a difficult spot with no ammo or guns. Whereas when you land at the checkpoint there was stuff before

  7. The Jedi Knight segment repeated the same 30-second explanation right in a row, with the narrator even referencing the information given previously. Even the footage shown is similar.

  8. Gta5 didn't make its traffic, more realistic, it just made it shitty. And because they completely removed the physics the cars had in 4, rather than reworking them, it just makes it an unfun chore to drive in gta5.

    I can't tell you the number of times I've come flying through an intersection, watched a car gun it to the get in my way and then actually slow down so I t bone it. And other variations of stiff like that. The traffic ai was programmed to casue you to wreck like that. And then because car physics are all kinds of fucked up, clipping the very corner of your with the corner of another car just stops you rather than letting you push through/past.

    My favorite was a city buss I was driving down a. Street at full speed, I hit a midsized car stopped at the light, kind of of at an angle. The car moved about a foot, the driver died, my bus lurched to a halt, the back end lifted up about a foot and it spun enough to line my bus up with the car I hit, set back down and I couldn't push it away.

  9. for the star wars one, it would make total sense for the key to float back up to the hand of the PC, if an enemy with a key was launched down a cliff, because the force, according to the lore actually does stuff like that all the time. its why blaster fire doesn't hit people as much as it should.

  10. The xcom game pissed me off so much, missed with 95% hit chance. So annoying. Was a pitty coz i usually don't play this kind of games but this one Xcom Himera something lol caught me in until that happened more than 5 times with different characters


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