10 MORE INSANE PRO Crosshairs YOU MUST TRY! – Valorant Crosshair Guide Pt. 2

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Today we cover 10 more pro crosshairs that you have to try out! Each of these crosshairs are special in their own rights and have different styles, but the pro settings buff is still the biggest confidence booster. If you want to improve aim quickly and rank up fast, you have to try these out!

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00:00 Intro
00:22 nAts
01:11 heat
02:08 Zombs
03:00 d3ffo
03:47 QOTD
04:01 keznit
04:46 leaf
05:40 Patiphan
06:36 zeek
07:50 starxo
08:49 Boaster
09:33 Outro

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28 thoughts on “10 MORE INSANE PRO Crosshairs YOU MUST TRY! – Valorant Crosshair Guide Pt. 2”

  1. Guys, really? :DDDD
    3 was same with other one, just different color…. Really? How do you think that guys?
    We saw 7 crosshair + 3 with other color.
    What a lazy video. Put some work on it maybe.

    What is Fanatic? I never heard about that esport org. Maybe Fnatic guys, but just maybe……
    Mistakes and same crosshairs lol

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