10 NEW OP KOREAN Builds to CLIMB FAST in PATCH 11.16 – League of Legends

In today’s guide you’ll learn the best new emerging builds from Korea for 11.16
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0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – Lillia Build
1:41 – Darius Build
2:30 – Lucian Build
3:16 – Graves Build
4:06 – Akshan Build
5:03 – Cassiopeia Build
5:45 – Varus Build
6:34 – Ezreal Build
7:23 – Trundle Build
8:32 – Nautilus Build
9:13 – Skill Capped Outro

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35 thoughts on “10 NEW OP KOREAN Builds to CLIMB FAST in PATCH 11.16 – League of Legends”

  1. Please kick divine sunderer out of the meta please. Jungler midlaner toplaner adc everyone is building divine. I think divine sunderer has lived its life and now it's time for tri force to shine 🙏

  2. Correction this is not a korean build, its a fucking skooch build and i literally have seen NO ONE build those items until after skooch made his onhit akshan video.

  3. This ludens cassiopeia clip made me think what the fuk is this champ really i hate it and love it it isnt played that much thats so obnoxious… she does sustained burst damage. Rito pls

  4. korians actually love zonyas, if a champ has an ap ratio they'll build zonyas on that champ if the game would call for it, just to prevent themselfs from getting blown up.

  5. i rushing zhonya on thresh long time ago. its dosent matter its works, my team always flames me when they see zhonya. Love eu east players <3 now i trolling everyone, if someone start trashtalking im immediately made this man lose game 🙂 From 75 % win rate now i have 35 and this give me more fun

  6. Ive been using that lillia build for 3 months already, dont think the main source is korea tbh. Its a great build indeed and as the video said it counters most meta top laners. There are some variations of the build against tanks and ap bruisers.


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