10 TIPS FOR CONTROLLER PLAYERS! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks to Improve as a Controller Player)

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Tip #1: Fine Tuned
1:45 – Tip #2: Crosshair Placement
2:42 – Tip #3: Predict, Then Aim
4:02 – Tip #4: Abuse Aim Assist
4:52 – Tip #5: Aim Assist BLUNDERS
5:48 – Tip #6: Which Sight is Right?
6:30 – Tip #7: OP Controller Weapons
7:19 – Tip #8: Move Deliberately
8:25 – Tip #9: Pure Positioning
9:31 – Tip #10: Think Ahead!
10:10 – Summary & Tips

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27 thoughts on “10 TIPS FOR CONTROLLER PLAYERS! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks to Improve as a Controller Player)”

  1. Im a controller player (PS5) and my favorite guns are the smgs cus there so powerful and have little recoil (volt is the best gun in the game)

    Also question

    What gun is your least favorite gun in the game (mine is the flatline cus you get shredded instantly and it’s so stupid and annoying)

  2. I'm a controller player on console that plays PC lobbies and am masters. People that complain about M&K just suck. Vice versa. M&K players come to my stream salty because I'm a controller player but I'm also on console lmao

  3. Didn't get to far yet but I have to make this statement. "Both inputs have their strengths and weaknesses" is a lie only in the sense that the only "strength" roller has is AA that is IT. M&K is and always will be the superior input.

  4. Hmm.. So what you're saying is that all M&K players are cheaters! And we shouldn't have to play against them, because we are at a major disadvantage. They show off and do all this cool and crazy movements and stuff that looks OP! Meanwhile controller players are only here to suffer 🤔

  5. I should add a tip for pro players… especially ones that play on M&K… next time you feel the urge on your streams to laugh or cringe at the fact that someone plays on a controller and has aim-assist tell yourself to shut the fuck up, take your mouse and keyboard, eat the keys and then go sit on the toilet and wait for them to come out the other way… ok? Good… beating your arrogant ass on a controller takes fucking skill… no matter who does it… stop cringing and go take a dump cause you have about 50 fucking keyboard keys waiting to come out…

  6. All the movement tech I've learned that's possible on pad is easy af to me it's mainly practice a shit ton till you're near 100% consistant. Also please make a guide on how to jitter aim on pad pls. Not many good guides and everyone does it different.


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