10 WORST Champions YOU SHOULD AVOID Going Into Patch 11.21 – League of Legends Predictions

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Top lane
0:36 Volibear
1:48 Renekton
2:40 Jungle
2:44 Zed
3:21 Rumble
4:10 Mid Lane
4:14 Azir
5:47 QOTD
6:00 Bot Lane
6:04 Varus
6:49 Kai´sa
7:36 Support
7:40 Annie
8:30 Pantheon
9:18 Outro

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30 thoughts on “10 WORST Champions YOU SHOULD AVOID Going Into Patch 11.21 – League of Legends Predictions”

  1. QOTD: Well, Akali is pretty Complex and has a lot of outplay potential, but I'm going to say Yasuo, I do not play Yasuo myself but I can safely say that I'm astonished by how some Yasuos get out of situations that would mean certain death to Squishy Adcarrys like him, and while he gets out he usually gets a double kill or even triple; all of this if he's played correctly of course.

  2. Azir?! in that kind of list :O i can't believe my own eyes! i think that some nerfs for the good ol' emperor of shurima will fix his solo q problem, and while they're doing it, nerf asol a little bit to, for good measure you know… we dont want all those crazy space dragons and sand birds to take over!

  3. QOTD : ASol, Qiyana, Kindred, Aphelios are some of the hardest champ I think
    ASol requires you to place yourself really perfectly to do well
    Qiyana makes you need a lot of micro with the elements, fast input and reflexes to just not feed
    Kindred is an ADC jungler with a unique gameplay and tricky passive. They are one of the most strange champ with some of the highest difficulty
    Aphelios. Do I have to explain ?

  4. For the jungler with the highest skill floor, I'd pick Kindred. Both in terms of mechanics and game knowledge. We've all had a Kindred on our team die over and over, whether from taking a terrible fight for the marked scuttle or making a stupid invade when there's a big icon on the map saying "free kills here". She has one of the strongest ultimates in the game, but unlike with other ultimates Kindred screwing up her ultimate can actively win a fight for the other team.

  5. The zed pick was trash. He 8s not a legit jungler and he had a to get a monster killing ability to go to the jungle. The top picks yall are stupid both voli and renten are strong top laners but they fail the same way yall fail to play league. Build paths right rune for the match up. Voli can stop a camil with ease if he takes the right runes and builds correctly. And renkten is a beast. This is not the adc role where you have one way to build a champ or you can't play them.


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