10 WORST Champions YOU SHOULD AVOID Going Into Patch 11.22 – League of Legends Predictions

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Top lane
0:36 Renekton
1:46 Lucian
2:28 Jungle
2:32 Olaf
3:07 Rumble
3:46 Mid Lane
3:50 Orianna
4:27 Ryze
5:17 Bot Lane
5:21 Varus
6:05 Aphelios
7:06 Support
7:10 Vex
8:24 QOTD
8:36 Pantheon
9:26 Outro

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40 thoughts on “10 WORST Champions YOU SHOULD AVOID Going Into Patch 11.22 – League of Legends Predictions”

  1. Imagine talking that aphe is bad and showin a clip where he misses ulti and still almost wins fight XDXDX u guys are pathetic, as a aphe main he still heals for full hp and its one of only adc's that i feeld comfortable on

  2. lol people keep telling idiots that Vex isnt a support but they dont listen… everyone in low elo is dead set on making vex support work but it sucks dick and has never worked

  3. Idk about you guys but my Aphelios slaps bruisers hard, I don't feel like I need teammates any more than an adc like MF does to be honest.

    He has an abysmal winrate because few people can play him well or know what he does… but I agree he's not the best for soloq environment.

  4. I main supp: sera, sona, senna and I play Vex really well mid but I can NOT get her to work as support. Everyone disagress with me when I say she dont work as supp so this was nice to see that i'm not crazy lol

  5. can we talk about how useless half of sivirs kit is? her passive is trash, her ult is weak. considering she is a hunter, MF has more speed and with e cancels a sivir ult. and her w doesent even popp dark harvest, when passive dmgs like brand twitch etc do. its ridiculous.

  6. QOTD: I love Vex and I honestly think she's fine cause her numbers are already low she just has a solid kit. Very fun to play, slightly annoying to play against if your team decides to give her kills but that's any mid really. Most complaints about her are from people who refuse to change their approach and are so reliant on using mobility to outplay that they can't think of her as anything but broken.


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