11 Biggest Changes In The New Apex Legends Update (Evolution Collection Event)

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The biggest changes in the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Update!

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35 thoughts on “11 Biggest Changes In The New Apex Legends Update (Evolution Collection Event)”

  1. Changing octane has nothing to do with him being “OP” or not. It’s to correct the flow of the game and hopefully make taking fights a lot more fun again not having to worry about the silent pad 3rd party coming in from 300 meters away with no sound no predictability no counter plays. They pushed back the removal of tap strafe i think mainly because they’re nerfing pad and maybe they’ll keep tap strafing in the game once the pad is nerfed so tap strafes won’t be as big as an issue with less distance

  2. The octane nerf was just dumb lol and I'm not fond of octane either… they often nerf the wrong things and leave stuff that needs to get some buffs or nerfs, alone and don't touch it. They need to super nerf seer

  3. Bro ngl in all fairness. Octane needed that nerf. You can’t have a legend that can chanse down anything. It makes octane mains think twice about their decisions. In my opinion it was a long time coming.

  4. Man fuck respawn I was updating the game my net is trash only 13 GB left and I wake up this morning thinking I will play the game today I was happy just to get up for a 43 GB update just for thr usless rampart everyone in respawn should drink acid and die.

  5. Wraith and path were only considered op because everyone was using them and the amount of that could contest was small so it was hard to beat em. But if they returned wraith and path from S1 it wouldn’t be op because the legends added in over time.

  6. Thank you so much for all the Info dude! you are a beast!

    You earned My Like!

    Keep it up.

    P.S I LOVE LOVE LVE your accent!

    "Rampart means Rejoice" Whaaat I never knew that!

    Dropping Bombs of Knowledge man 😀

  7. Thanks for the patch note update since I hate reading Lol but over all well put together, and I love your comedy about the mozambique 🤣🤣 well it’s the mozambique that had me rolling!!


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