12.9.2 "Fix it" Patch & ADS Nerf Confusion // Escape from Tarkov News

Battlestate Games has released Escape from Tarkov patch 12.9.2 which includes a bunch of fixes and optimizations for EFT. There was some confusion about other changes (that ended up getting rolled back) that involved player inertia and ADS as well.
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11 thoughts on “12.9.2 "Fix it" Patch & ADS Nerf Confusion // Escape from Tarkov News”

  1. There needs to be significantly more inertia on player movements, particularly our ability to turn and make fast movements. As it is now it just lets people dodge bullets in a way they shouldn't be able.

    They need to add an adrenaline effect when you're shot or shot at that lets you move fully regardless of stamina or health. They also need to get rid of collateral damage from limbs, aka, leg and arm meta.


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