120Hz Fix For Xbox Series X Over DisplayPort…Maybe? HDMI to DP Adapter Tested!

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Can we fix 120Hz on Xbox Series X for more monitors using a DisplayPort adapter? In this video we test an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter from Club 3D. The goal …


14 thoughts on “120Hz Fix For Xbox Series X Over DisplayPort…Maybe? HDMI to DP Adapter Tested!”

  1. With that adapter i couldn't get 1440p with 120hz to work on a Gigabyte M27Q with a Xbox series S. I did achieve the 1080p 120hz with adapter.

    Which my son who i got the Monitor for was happy with. I did connect a HDMI 2.1 cable from the Xbox Series S that upscale 4k and the Gigabyte M27Q which doesn't say it can put out 2160p was Displaying 2160p at 60hz.

    I didn't connect my my Xbox Series X to see if it will achieve 4k or 2k 120hz but I will attempt to when I get time.

    I wonder if you get a HDMI to display adapter. Then use Club 3d Display Port 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 adapter if it will make a difference.


    I also broke down and purchased a HD Fury Dr HDMI device because over clocking monitors and using CRU settings might come in handy in the future.

    Thanks for all your work. I'm enjoying your channel and work your doing here.

  2. No issues getting 1440p 120hz using hdmi with my MSI MAG27qrf-QD. On another note, using an hdmi audio extractor (to be able to use optical out) will cause you to not be able to enable variable refresh rate.

  3. Ayy nice I commented about this on one of ur old videos great video man ! I thought that It wouldn’t be possible so I went ahead and bought the ASUS VG27AQ 27" 16:9 WQHD IPS Gaming Monitor wish I didn’t cuz I didn’t know this worked ! but I got the 24inch which I thought I was getting the 27 but i got the 24inch which I didn’t I mean to would u say the 24 inch is better than the 27inch for FPS shooters?


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