15 MOST BROKEN Champions to PLAY – League of Legends Patch 11.21 Predictions

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Teemo
2:07 Miss Fortune
2:52 Rek’sai
3:25 Camille
3:49 Lux
4:32 Fiddlesticks
4:58 Fiora
5:33 Shaco
6:11 Karthus
6:47 Anivia
7:28 QotD
7:38 Katarina
8:16 Graves
8:43 Vayne
9:10 Nami
9:35 Blitzcrank
9:58 Outro

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41 thoughts on “15 MOST BROKEN Champions to PLAY – League of Legends Patch 11.21 Predictions”

  1. “hey boss. Seems like players are complaining about toplane being bullshit because of melee auto attackers like fiora and irelia. Should we do something to address it?”
    Boss: “yes we should! Buff teemo and nerf a shit ton of items without making any of the other top lane intended items good. That’ll settle the matter.”
    “Yes sir!”

    Top lane is riot games favorite abuse victim.

  2. Camille has been nerfed enough to the point that you need to learn how to play her… not knowing her limits, especially in laning phase, makes Camille very useless and vulnerable.

  3. I disagree with Teemo being S+ sure it was a buff to his blind but since you are saying Top lane Teemo and not Bot lane Teemo where the auto reliant champs are its not going to make him OP as in Top lane it does not really matter unless your enemy is a Fiora since top laners still uses abilities a lot more than one would think. Personally i would have Teemo in A/A- for Top lane as he seems like a solid pick but he is not optimal and would get fucked over by Mage Tops and those are becoming more common since people are starting to tire of the current top lane meta the same bruisers and fighters over again

  4. They know that now riven mid will be op now right ?
    Like Omni vamp on her main item it's by by to yone to yasuo and to zed talon and because you can jump over walls it's by to ice Pheonix

  5. I just hope Teemo keeps this buff. It is a champion that has zero to little pressence in high elo. I loved playing him in top and mid but in certain games they just know how to go around his pros and cons and your only alternative is either enter midgame alredy fed, or play with tp and liandry over R's, and if you enter that point, any other toplaner provides more utility in TF. This buff makes his utility a tiny step further. He never got more wr% than 51, and I don't think this buff will increase more than 1,5% his wr.


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