2 AGENTS TAKING OVER the PRO META – Best Tips and Tricks – Valorant Guide

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42 thoughts on “2 AGENTS TAKING OVER the PRO META – Best Tips and Tricks – Valorant Guide”

  1. i feel like fade will be better on the bigger maps like breeze and icebox compared to sova, maybe even fracture honesty because while sova is better at clearing corners and tight angles with his drone and shock darts, fade has her skye ultimate every round and also very big catcher move

  2. I feel like now, double initiator is meta, because you have information and flashes. So imo, my ideal comp would be a Movement Duelist (Jett/Raze/Neon), Info Initiator (Sova/Fade), Flashing Initiator (Skye, KAY/O, Breach), Smoker (Viper, Omen, Brimstone), and Sentinel (Chamber/Killjoy/Cypher).

    PS: I did not use sage because sage cannot watch flank, however if you are going to, just replace one of the initiators with sage…

  3. Other roles become more important in pro play as without perfect use of all of them you may run into trouble. But for unprofessional play, Duelists are great where you are not too serious and wanna enjoy the game with less plans and teamwork. But yeah, a proper Duelist can shine good in pro-play too.

  4. Yes man, Duelists are the weakest role. Till enemy desides to pick kayo they throw a knife that you can't break cause enemies blind at the same time and you remember you are a silenced sentinel (sage aside) that made a set up or baught abilities that you lost because you used em already and the cost is 2×200 + 2×100 = 600 for Cypher, 200×2 + 200 = 600 for Kj and 200 + 100x ?amount of bullets = up to 1k for Chamber if 8 bullets are bought. Even for sage if you didnt wall instantly it is 400 + 2×200 = 800 but you can't fullfil your role correctly. Not to mention that Controllers exist that their free abilities destroy most of the agents i mentioned offensive and defensive set ups. Eg Smoke Kj Bot, Viper wall Kj Bot. Then you have duelists 1 Raze nade destroys your whole set up as Cypher or Kj every character with some tp, or updraft mech gets above your defense (Kj, Cyph, Sage), Yoru's clone killed and i mean killed sentinels now you have to know if he is baiting or not with clone, while at the same time have your mind on his tp, while he is throwing blinds and if you're cypher he already popped your trapwires, If you're Kj and you're getting pushed most likely you will insta pop or even with a small delay your nades after the clone triggered the alarm bot. Most of the active gadgets sentinels have can be also blinded (Kj bot, Cyph Cam, Chamber Trap). I can expand this list on how a 250(max or even free ability if Raze) ability can destroy your abilities and the defense you are supposed to offer as a sentinel compared to Controllers which can do what you do a million times better. Oh and Initiators do what you do better now cause even info gathering is better from them (except breach) than your cam, trap or bot!

  5. hate the jett nerf, chamber needs another nerf, phoenix needs a buff, fade needs a slight nerf, kay/o needs a slight nerf. cypher and killjoy need a buff. and astra needs a buff. I think that would be the best of a balance for all of the agents.

  6. i can see why duelists arent that popular at pro level. duelists tend to either have a flash or movement. the more aggressive initiators function like flashing duelists but they also have info gathering, better flashes than the flashing duelists, and other util to help the team. at least with the movement duelists their better movement which helps them stand out more and is pretty useful to have and they tend to have have other unique utility thats helpful too. but of course in non pro games theyre popular since they have nice tools to get kills and are self sufficient in matches where comms and teamwork may or may not be lacking. not really sure what exactly they can do for flashing duelists to make them stand out compared to the more aggressive initiators.

  7. Do they just buff and nerf every agent until they get 50% pick rate even like I just think something’s are left untouched imo but with that being said nerf chamber lol

  8. NRG played really well with Chamber, Double smokes double initiators like last week. As far as comp it’s definitely something I’ve noticed in my games, with how good initiators are (if you use your mic) having 2-3 is actually busted strong. Ran Sova, Skye, Fade, Chamber Astra on Breeze and we literally deathballed onto site every round they just cant clear everything

  9. i think they should make phoenix as a controller hybrid, having 2 molotovs and long lasting walls could bring him back to the game

    i mean all role have their duelist'ish hybrids right ? omen, sage, kay/o, skye.. not every agent can be played aggressive, but some of them fully able to


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