20 Fortnite Skins That We Thought Were LOST FOREVER

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22 thoughts on “20 Fortnite Skins That We Thought Were LOST FOREVER”

  1. I would’ve thought star lord would’ve been forgotten but despite him being a default in a marvel outfit, marvel keeps selling him in the item shop and is passing him out as the real deal. I hope he gets a long trench coat edit style and built in emote where he takes his mask off to make him look more legit. This won’t happen but it would be so cool!!

  2. Why is thicc boi Thanos not on this list? Everyone wanted him as a skin when the Infinity War event released, and we thought for sure we would get him during the Marvel themed season but he only got released 3 seasons later.

  3. There so many Times that skins are leak for months or even a year
    And no one know when that skin is going to be put out
    And there not even like licensing or collaboration skins
    There just random skins
    That are fully model skin
    That that no one know what took epic so long to release


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