20 GIFTED GOD ROLL ITEMS! Big Restoration Fix Gives Everyone Legendary Gear! // Outriders

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37 thoughts on “20 GIFTED GOD ROLL ITEMS! Big Restoration Fix Gives Everyone Legendary Gear! // Outriders”

  1. Didn't get shit been playing since day one. Please stop praising the devs when they are so lazy and incompetent. So having gear with stats that can't be obtained through normal means is a good thing wow

  2. Im not even past the demo levels since the xbox controller sucks so badly. This is meaningless to me. If i get god roll items on a level 3 character its also meaningless. Until-they fix the damned controller im never playing this game. This game has just turned out to be the biggest disappointment as gar as im concerned. Hoping they get to the controller patch since they’re lose to resolving the other game killing bugs.

  3. Been playing since day 1. 4 max level characters not a single item has appeared in my inventory. Really starting to wonder if they just made sure content creators got loaded out then randomly selected handful of unaffected people to get stuff.

  4. Yo I know this is an outriders video, but you could make a build with Zane that has non-dlc and dlc 3 stuff, cus that’s what I have and it sucks not being able to follow your other Zane builds because I’m always missing that one piece that makes the build work

  5. Maybe do more research before posting something like this. Love the content bro but I have 200 hours into the game and got 2 99k absoloute zeros and that’s it. What a reward. Complete joke. That’s why everyone has stopped playing this game. Can’t get anything right. And I have almost every legendary in the game and that’s all I get.

  6. I’m not seeing anyone in the comments who actually got 20 pieces of gear lmao. I’m guessing they’re only giving it to creators so they can make videos about it and get everyone hyped idk I’m just salty cause I lost two of my max characters inventory and have played since the first week and I didn’t get a single legendary

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