3 BEST SOLO CARRY Champions for EVERY ROLE in PATCH 12.10 – League of Legends

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00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – Top
03:20 – Jungle
05:54 – Mid
08:24 – ADC
10:22 – Support
12:32 – SkillCapped & Outro

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41 thoughts on “3 BEST SOLO CARRY Champions for EVERY ROLE in PATCH 12.10 – League of Legends”

  1. This is not a tank buff. Sunfire is nerfed. Healing is slightly reduced. GW is greatly reduced. Tanks could beat squishies because they didn't build defenses. Now they get free defenses. Tanks deal way less damage. Champs that build healing get a small decrease. Tanks that build bramble to counter it get a massive nerf. Tanks also get free defenses but compared to their stats, this is percentagewise negligible change. For damage dealers the % change in defense is relatively high. I don't understand how anyone can argue that this patch favors tanks. Any scaling that tanks have are from bonus resists and not from total resists.

  2. 'chemtank rush' on rammus is bait, sunfire despite it is getting nerfed, would still be a higher dps option, in fact rammus doesn't need chemtank cause it's overnerfed and he doesn't lack of mobility, ghost makes it enough to engage and allows you to stay with W up for longer to stack immolation : )

  3. Late game scalers like Kayle and Yi KILL in low elos (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold) because most games go 25+ minutes on average, giving you more than enough time to scale as well as most low elo players absolutely throw late game already, so scaling into your strongest point during late game gives you double the power

    but once you start climbing from it you'll hit a wall where your inability to survive laning phase will kill your climb until you figure out how to scale safely.

  4. don't get why junglers are only tanks or fighters, assassins are so good rn, someone like rengar and kha 6, u could have at least shown them too, especially as this is about solo carries, and I am not sure how Rammus fits here

  5. In general, I think that most tanks will get less out of the durability increase than squishy champs because of how armor and MR work in the game. Post-mitigation damage, the amount of damage actually inflicted, assuming no armor/magic pen is calculated by raw damage * 100/(100 + defensive stat). For example, 100 armor means that the damage you will take 100/(100 + 100) * raw damage which is 50% * raw damage or half of the raw damage amount. 200 armor means you take 100/(100 + 200) * raw damage which is 33.3% * raw damage which is a third of the raw damage amount, NOT a quarter. This means that when at high amounts of armor/MR, each additional point provides LESS value, not more. The tanks with % total resist and % max hp scaling will likely do better but this is a surprisingly large portion of tanks. I think that the only ones with total resist scaling are Rammus (as mentioned in the video), Malphite, Poppy, and Rell. Malphite passive size, W, and E are based on total armor, Poppy gets 10% bonus armor/mr based on her total armor/mr which is doubled when under 40% hp from her W passive, and Rell gets bonus resists from her passive auto/Q armor/MR shred bc enemy champs are tankier which makes her 10% resist increase while dismounted also increase and her E gives her tethered ally 10% of her total resists. For max hp scaling, pretty much every tank self-shield scales with max hp (ex. galio, voli, sion, j4) or has its limit defined by max hp (ex. tahm, morde) but shields across the board are getting nerfed so this likely doesn't impact much. There's a few tanks with damage on an ability being tied to their own hp such as zac Q, sej W, and braum Q. A lot amount of tanks have % hp scaling based on their target's hp. The full list is voli E, cho E, poppy Q, sej stun passive, zac W, tahm R, shen Q, singed E, galio Q, ornn W and brittle proc, gragas W, maokai E, and amumu W.

  6. I really suggest an increase in the video volume, everytime I'm watching youtube videos I use 50% volume, and when I watch a video of yours, I use 100% and even need more sound. <3

  7. Enchanters arent going to be worse off. Is healing/shielding be directly nerfed? Yes. Is the entire rest of the meta being beefy frontline and hyper carried going to make them stronger? Yes. Probably net neutral or stronger.

  8. Good to see my boi trundle rising up again! I am excited for this patch for sure, wonder if we will see the return of some old schoolers like nautilus maokai jungle/top? We shall see.


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