3 MISTAKES IN EVERY RANK! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Every Player to Improve)

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Bronze and Silver
0:42 – Bad Drops
1:48 – Winning Weapons
2:22 – Bad Foundation (Settings)
3:37 – Gold
3:52 – Doing Too Much
5:14 – Hot Dropping
5:42 – Dud Loadouts
6:27 – Platinum
6:41 – Overconfidence
7:33 – Fighting… NONSTOP
8:38 – Simplify Your Play
9:17 – Diamond
9:40 – Planning
10:49 – Don’t Get Strong Armed
11:40 – Putting it All Together
13:15 – Summary

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10 thoughts on “3 MISTAKES IN EVERY RANK! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Every Player to Improve)”

  1. I hit diamond and instantly started playing pubs so I can fine tune my movement and aim more… also i think Once you hit plat 1 before going diamond u should really be looking to play closer to you team because the closer the better. U need to be looking to have 3 barrels aiming at 1 dude. Just a little tip ❤️


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